Duck and processed poultry products


PROCANAR has specialised over the past 30 years in the production, slaughtering and marketing of all types of duck.

BARBARY : 4 100 000 heads/ year
MULARD : 1 500 000 heads/ year
PIGEON : 530 000 heads/ year

PROCANAR has developed a range of duck based products over the years: whole products, cuts and processed products (marinades, stuffed poultry).
This experience has placed PROCANAR in a position to market a wide range of products from duck cuts to gourmet poultry and processed products in all distribution channels.

Fresh : 8 853 tons
Frozen : 3 866 tons
Feathers : 832 tons

Source : Internal Datas 2014-2015



PROCANAR has developed a range of specific products intended for supermarkets, wholesalers and industry.

PROCANAR has also extended its activity to international markets and the firm generates 21% of its turnover in export markets in more than 20 countries thanks to the Prim’s brand products.

Our guarantees

A French duck specialist who produces 2 breeds of duck (Barbary and Mulard)

A sector-based approach guaranteeing total traceability from the breeding stage through to the finished product

Involvement in environmental management in partnership with breeders

A processing and innovative policy

A production capacity and modern tools

Efficient logistics

Flexibility and know-how which are recognised and appreciated by customers